Shotgun Library Construction Service

Shotgun Library Construction Service
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CD Genomics
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CD Genomics offers highly flexible shotgun library construction services.


CD Genomics offers highly flexible shotgun  library construction services, including shotgun sequencing of the completed  library. High quality random-sheared shotgun libraries of BAC clones and whole  genomes are regularly produced at CD Genomics. Our shotgun library  construction has been done with a variety of vectors such as plasmid, cosmid, fosmid, BAC,  and YAC.

Construction Steps:

  • Plasmid DNA purification and/or quality analysis of in-coming DNA

  • Random shearing to produce a population of DNA fragments

  • Ligation into a standard cloning vector and transformation

  • Libraries submitted to customer as plates, glycerol stocks, or purified DNA

  • QC by PCR or DNA sequencing